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We will be happy to accommodate your project in estimating how much material you may need and help you in choosing the right materials to fit your job. You can also count on us in getting the material delivered to your job site, or home in the most economical way possible. Crystal Creek Aggregate will sell to all customers both public and private, no project too large or small.

 P.G.& E. Bedding Sand

Made to comply with P.G.& E. (Pacific, Gas, and Electric) specifications. It is a #4 minus clean washed sand and has many different uses! Traditionally, bedding sand is used to create a level surface to serve as a base for projects. The bedding sand is typically placed underneath or above gravel to create a flat surface. This is very common when landscapers want to lay pavers or patio stones on the ground. Some applications it has also been used for are underneath piping, leveling a surface for underneath base rock, or even volleyball courts and recreational activites! 


 CCA Filter Sand

Designed for use in water treatment facilities. The sand has been used primarily at the Iron Mountain Mine superfund site in treating the acid mind runoff. This sand meets ASTM C-33 concrete specifications

 Plaster Sand

Plaster Sand can be compared to sand that you find at the beach except for it being much cleaner! The washed sand can be used for many different applications around your home or used for commercial projects like pools and plumbing. Plaster Sand not only can make plaster, but it can also be used in a cement/sand/gravel mix to make concrete. Although plaster sand can differentiate in color, ours is a beautiful golden, brown in the event you want to use it for a recreational volleyball court or sand box!


 Clean Sandy Loam

Loam soil generally contains more nutrients and moisture than sandy soils. It has better drainage and infiltration of water and air than silt and clay-rich soils. It happens to be easier to till than clay soils. This material is manufactured by recovering the silty sand washed from our materials and then being screened in our wash plant. It is a fine silty sand that is usually neutral in Ph and free of contaminates. The material is sometimes used as a “base" material to mix with compost and other add mixtures for building your own soil for gardens, planters, etc. Also can be used under above ground swimming pools to provide a soft base for feet and swimming. 

 Presby Septic System Sand

Our Sand complies to the Presby Septic System material requirements


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