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We will be happy to accommodate your project in estimating how much material you may need and help you in choosing the right materials to fit your job. You can also count on us in getting the material delivered to your job site, or home in the most economical way possible. Crystal Creek Aggregate will sell to all customers both public and private, no project too large or small.

 3/4" Class II Base Rock

This material is a standard in the construction industry. This material is compliant with most departments of Transportations specifications. Class II base rock has a wide variety of uses from under slab, concrete work, driveway and home owner projects, as well as public works projects.

 3/4" Crushed

This material is used for slabfill, (i.e.) under concrete, because it is angular, clean, and washed it locks together when contained and is self compacting. 3/4" crushed is used as an underground bedding material for sewer and storm drain pipe applications as well. This material meets the City of Redding specifications for the above applications. 3/4" crushed is very popular for surfacing driveways, it is very hard and durable.

 3/4" Crushed / Deco Gold

This material is used primarily for landscaping, because of its gold color.


 1 1/2" Drain Rock

This material is used primarily for sewer septic fields. It can be used for a variety of other open graded applications , such as, French drains, permeable or filtering water for erosion control. It has been used at construction sites as a clean surface at the entrances and exits of undeveloped sites to keep mud from tracking onto the asphalt. It works well for open graded surfaces with heavy traffic as well.

 1 1/2" Sub Base

This material is a base rock material sometimes used in filling deep sections of roadways before 3/4" base rock is placed. This material works well for shoulder backing, and for an open graded material surface application when compacted. 1 1/2" sub base has been used around Shasta County on many of the back country roads because it holds up very well when compacted and provides good traction in steeper applications.

4" x 8" Crushed Cobble

The most common use of this material is ditch lining for erosion control. The material has been used for rock slope protection, light applications, and facing rock. Because it is crushed, this angular stone locks together when placed and compacted. The crushed cobble works very well in water courses and channels.

Rip Rap

These are large granite boulders that are angular and heavy used primarily for rock slope protection (RSP). We have a large variety of sizes going all the way up to 2 ton boulders and beyond. In general, this rock is sized for specific projects as follows: facing, light, 1/4 ton, 1/2 ton, 1 ton, 2 ton etc.
Also used for decorative landscaping boulders, you can come into our quarry and hand select which ones you would like for your project. These boulders come in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from golden brown to a blue grey.



 1" x 3" Crushed

This material is used for stabilizing holes or filling soft or problem areas. Also used at the entrance and exits of underdeveloped construction sites to contain dirt and mud from tracking onto the asphalt.

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