Whether you need a pickup load to a mountain! We have enough bedding sand to make you a private beach!



 Presby Septic System Sand

Our Sand complies to the Presby Septic System material requirements


 3/8" Screened Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite is one of our specialty products used for many different applications such as: baseball fields, trails, pathways, horse arenas, dry landscaping, and more! Although decomposed granite (DG) might not be a landscaping material you are familiar with, it is a common material you come across in a garden, in a park, or on a pathway or walking trail through your community. You can recognize the crunch under your feet, as well as CCA's DG being a beautiful golden-brown color. A proper DG surface does not move underfoot like sand or gravel, but its porosity allows water to penetrate to the soil below. That aspect makes DG a good paving material around trees and shrubs and perfect for your dry landscaping needs!

 3" Minus w/Fines

3" Minus is as described. A mixture of 3" and smaller graded rock with dirt or fine’s mixed. This material is used for backfilling structures and underground utilities, etc.

 Clean Sandy Loam

Loam soil generally contains more nutrients and moisture than sandy soils. It has better drainage and infiltration of water and air than silt and clay-rich soils. It happens to be easier to till than clay soils. This material is manufactured by recovering the silty sand washed from our materials and then being screened in our wash plant. It is a fine silty sand that is usually neutral in Ph and free of contaminates. The material is sometimes used as a “base" material to mix with compost and other add mixtures for building your own soil for gardens, planters, etc. Also can be used under above ground swimming pools to provide a soft base for feet and swimming. 

 Ball Field Mix

Want a way to keep part of that special game or winning season? Our Ball Field Mix is the primer choice in baseball diamonds and other sporting fields. It's perfect to use on youth league, high schools or professional sport fields...

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